Control Measures

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Control Measures

SCVURPPP, municipalities, and the Authority work together to reduce local pesticide use on municipal properties and public and private lands. All municipalities have developed a pesticide toxicity control program based on the concepts of Integrated Pest Management (IPM). The cities/town have adopted individual IPM Plans and SOPs to control pesticide use. IPM uses a combination of techniques, such as physical barriers, habitat changes, and as a last resort, less-toxic chemicals. These methods help reduce the impact and toxicity of local pesticide use on stormwater and waterways.

Our Water Our World Partnership

SCVURPPP partners with local nurseries and gardening supply stores to provide information on less-toxic pest control options. The partnership involves displaying more than 20 pest management fact sheets at stores, and placing tags on store shelves to make it easier for the public to identify less-toxic alternatives to conventional pesticides. In addition, SCVURPPP provides trainings to pesticide store employees encouraging them to sell less-toxic products.

Visit Our Water Our World for more information.

Additional Efforts

Also, SCVURPPP and the Authority, on behalf of the West Valley communities, provide education and outreach efforts to residents, businesses, pest control professionals, and municipal staff to promote behavior changes relative to pesticide use and less-toxic pest control methods and provide information on eco-friendly methods to manage pests.