Exempted & Conditionally Exempted Discharges

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The Municipal Regional Stormwater Permit (MRP) Provision C.15 defines non-stormwater discharges that are exempted or conditionally exempted discharges.

Exempted Discharges

The following non-stormwater discharges are exempted discharges unless they are identified by the municipality as sources of pollutants to receiving waters:

  • Flows from riparian habitats or wetlands
  • Diverted stream flows
  • Flows from natural spring
  • Rising ground waters
  • Uncontaminated and unpolluted groundwater infiltrations
  • Single family homes' pumped groundwater, foundation drains, and water from crawl space pumps and footing drains
  • Pumped groundwater from drinking water aquifers (excludes well development)
  • NPDES permitted discharges (individual or general permits)

Provision C.15 Exempted and Conditionally Exempted Discharges of the MRP

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