Resources for Teachers

  • Earth Smart Actions™ - A free, online, interactive educational program where students K-12 learn about preventing stormwater pollution and contribute real data to real solutions in our community.
  • Distance Learning Package - Help your students learn about stormwater pollution. The videos and activities listed are designed to teach about watersheds and pollution prevention using Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) - while keeping kids moving!
  • Schools Outreach Flyer - A list of free, educational presentations and activities offered to school-aged children by the West Valley Clean Water Program Authority.
  • The Musical Watershed” - A free musical school assembly for grades K-6.
  • Project Wet - Free classes, books, curriculum ideas, and exercises on water-based curriculum.
  • BioSITE  - Learn to collect and test water samples, look for plant and animal species, and document their findings through the Children’s Discovery Museum in San Jose.

Teacher Request Form

You can request an "Enviroscape" presentation, materials, or information for your classroom.