Annual Budget

Budget Adoption

Budget Apportionment graphEach year by July 1, the Authority Board adopts a budget for the cities of Campbell, Monte Sereno, Saratoga, and the Town of Los Gatos setting forth the operational expenses for the West Valley Clean Water Program Authority in the coming fiscal year. The annual budget details the apportionment of the expenses for each member agency. Each agency’s cost share to fund collective stormwater management activities is allocated by population.

FY22-23 Annual Budget

View the Adopted FY2022-23 Operating Budget.

Previous Years’ Annual Budgets

View the previous years’ Annual Operating Budgets (FY13-14 through FY21-22).


The cities of Campbell, Monte Sereno, and the Town of Los Gatos fund stormwater permit compliance activities through a storm sewer assessment on the county tax roll. Since 1992, the assessments were collected by the West Valley Sanitation District alongside the sewer service charges on the annual property tax bill under the heading "WV Sewer Sani/Storm." The rates range from approximately $16 to $20 for residential parcels; fees for commercial parcels are based on square footage. The assessments have not increased since 1994. In September 2019, the Authority began collecting the sewer service charge. These charges appear as a single line item titled “STORM SEWER” on each County secured property tax bill (for Campbell, Los Gatos, Monte Sereno). Click here to view Frequently Asked Questions about the Storm Sewer Service Charge.

View Storm Sewer Rates (July 1, 2022 - June 30, 2023)

The City of Saratoga’s primary funding source is its General Fund.

Revenue may only be used to fund stormwater permit compliance activities. The revenue funds Authority operations and activities that member agencies choose to conduct collectively as well as storm drain operations and maintenance activities conducted at the municipal level.