Clean Creeks...
It's in our hands

West Valley Clean Water Program

  A Cooperative Effort of: Cities of Campbell, Monte Sereno, Saratoga and the Town of Los Gatos

What you can do

  • Use less toxic methods for controlling pests: baits, sticky barriers, insecticidal dust, etc.
  • Inspect and maintain vehicles regularly. Fix leaks immediately
  • Use a commercial car wash; or wash cars on unpaved surface
  • Drain pools and spas into a sanitary sewer outlet, never into a street
  • Pick up after pet and throw in garbage
  • Landscaping or Excavating? Keep dirt from blowing or washing into the street​​

Sources of Pollution

  • Pesticides and fertilizers that run off yards and gardens
  • Oil, antifreeze, and other automotive fluids on driveways, parking lots and city streets
  • Household chemicals such a paint thinners, oil and water-based paint, drain cleaner, and pool and spa chemicals
  • Detergents from interior carpet cleaning and exterior power washing & paint removal
  • Pet Waste
  • Bare soil that erodes or blows into the street
  • Dirt, soap, metals from washing vehicles  in the driveway or street

Watersheds and your Community

What is a Watershed?

A Waterhshed consists of basin-like landform and water that is not absorbed into the ground. A watershed carries water "shed" from the land after rain falls and snow melts. Everywhere on earth, water that is not absorbed into the ground will try to flow downhill, channeling into soils, groundwaters, creeks and streams, making its way to larger rivers and eventually the ocean.

Our Watersheds

The West Valley Communities watersheds are the western boundary of the Santa Clara Valley of the Santa Cruz Mountain Range and will eventually flow to the San Francisco Bay.

Water falling from the other side of the summit will be part of another watershed, with will flow into the Monterey Bay or directly into the Pacific ocean north of Monterey Bay.