Municipal Controls

Storm drain cleaning; Storm drain marking; Street sweeping;

Trails Maintenance; Parks & Landscape Maintenance; Illegal Dumping response

Clean Creeks...
It's in our hands

Pollution of Concern

Water and soap from car washing may clean your vehicle but can also carry copper, debris and hazardous soap to our creeks.

Education & Outreach

School-age education to  increase awareness and promote change of habits. Public Outreach to let you know about events and where you can participate in activities

Creeks in our Community

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Impaired Waters Bodies are those that lack the water quality necessary for supporting their designated uses, which may be caused by many different factors, including high levels of pollution.  Designated uses are the way that the Clean Water Act recognizes that every body of water has value and is worth protecting. Designated uses includes support of fish and wildlife habitat, as well as human recreational uses.

Locally, the SF Bay Regional Water Quality Control Board has prioritized the following pollutants as causing severe impairment to our local creeks and SF Bay:  trash/ litter, sediment, mercury, PCBs and pesticides.

West Valley Clean Water Program

  A Cooperative Effort of: Cities of Campbell, Monte Sereno, Saratoga and the Town of Los Gatos


Commercial and industrial facility inspections to prevent wastes from discharging into the storm drain system.

Urban Runoff Management Plans help each of the four WV Communities to coordinate and maximize efforts to reduce stormwater pollution


Choose to wash your vehicle on your lawn or take to car wash, using our discount card.

 Development &  Construction

Site Design and on-site treatment facilities.

During construction sediment and erosion controls.

Our Mission

  • Reduce pollutants in stormwater and discharges from storm drains into creeks
  • Maximize the effectiveness of pollution prevention efforts and work toward repair of impaired waters
  • Help the four West Valley Communities meet State Water Resources Control Board & Federal Clean Water Act goals for clean and healthy local water bodies


Los Gatos


San Tomas Aquino