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Apr 22

Happy 50th Earth Day I Find Us on Social Media!

Posted to West Valley Clean Water Authority Social Media by Karen Villasenor

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Good afternoon,
Today we are excited to be celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day with the launch of our social media program! 

You will find us now live on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube! Come check out our first post featuring our newly created Watershed video! We’ll also be posting educational content, updates about our services and programs, and other information that is relevant to our West Valley communities.

We realize this a unique time but if you feel any of the content is appropriate to share or retweet, we would greatly appreciate your support. So please consider taking the steps below to help promote our pages. 
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    Sheila Tucker
    Executive Director
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    Sep 24

    Creek Connection I Stormwater News - September 2020

    Posted to West Valley Clean Water Program Authority Newsletter by Stefanny Moreno

    Creek Connection I Stormwater News

    September 2020

    New Authority Staff Member
    Please welcome Rafles Warnars, our new Environmental Compliance Inspector.  Mr. Warnars brings over 30 years of municipal inspection program experience and is a Qualified Industrial Stormwater Professional (QISP), Qualified SWPPP Professional (QSP), Certified Erosion, Sediment and Stormwater Inspector (CESSWI), Certified Code Enforcement Officer (CACEO), and Certified Hazardous Materials Manager.  Mr. Warnars is conducting business inspections and responding to reports of illegal discharges in the West Valley and can be reached at, (408) 354-4734 office or (408) 442-6067 cell. 

    NPDES Permit Reissuance/MRP 3.0 Update
    The current Municipal Regional Permit (MRP 2.0) went into effect on January 1, 2016 and expires on December 31, 2020.  A draft Tentative Order may be expected as early as late Winter of 2021 with public hearings in Spring of 2021.  Adoption is anticipated in mid/late Spring of 2021 with the new permit going into effect July 1, 2021, however reissuance could be delayed until there is less COVID uncertainty.  If issuance is delayed, the current permit (MRP 2.0) will be administratively extended until the next permit is adopted.
     Contact Sheila Tucker at for additional information.

    Budget and Work Plan Adopted

    The Authority Board adopted the FY2020-21 Operating Budget and Work Plan at the May 7th Board Meeting.

    FY2019-20 Annual NPDES Report
    Authority and municipal staff have been focused on the preparation of the FY2019-20 Annual Report since July 2020. The Report was submitted to the Santa Clara Valley Urban Runoff Pollution Prevention  Program (SCVURPPP) for final review on September 18, 2020, with final submittal to the State Board on September 30, 2020. 

    Stormwater Property Assessments

    In May 2020, the Authority conducted a public hearing on the proposed storm sewer fees for FY2020-21 to place the fees on the Santa Clara County property tax roll.  Collection of the storm sewer fees will begin in September of 2020.  Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) can also be found at

    Long-term Funding Options
    The Authority conducted a request for proposals to hire a financial consultant to conduct a cost of service study and evaluate long-term funding options for each member agency.  SCI Consulting Group (SCI) was retained in September 2020 to complete the work.  SCI will analyze the full cost to implement the Municipal Regional NPDES Permit (MRP) requirements and develop tailored funding recommendations for each member agency.

    The Authority has implemented CloudCompli, a cloud-based software platform which provides inspectors with field access to online scheduling capabilities, access to inspection reports/historical information, documentation and filing of reports in the field as well as access to storm drain maps and associated infrastructure.  The platform has already automated inspections/reporting within the Authority’s Commercial/Industrial Inspection Program and the Illegal Dumping, Discharge and Elimination (IDDE) Program.  


    The Authority acquired CapitolTrack software to assist in identifying and tracking bills of interest and advising on proposed legislation related to stormwater that may impact member agencies.

    GSI Handbook Part 2
    The final GSI Handbook - Part 2 and the bioretention and pervious pavement typical details (in CAD and PDF) have been completed and posted on the SCVURPPP website.  SCVURPPP staff are continuing to revise the SFPUC details for general components related to bioretention and pervious pavement and other updates over the next few months.  

    Stormwater Treatment Measure (STM) Data Portal 
    SCVURPP staff have been working on updates to the STM Data Portal (formerly the GSI Database) to provide publicly accessible maps of installed STMs as well as to include trash full capture systems.  A request for data on development projects constructed during FYs 2018-19 and 2019-20 will be sent to Co-Permittees in October.

    Los Gatos Trail Grant

    The City of Campbell and the Town of Los Gatos are completing installation of ten trash and recycling receptables, pet waste stations and interpretive trail signs along a six mile stretch of the Los Gatos Creek (from a Valley Water B2 Grant).  Nine out of the 10 Trail Signs have been installed; some sites are pending installation of trash/recycling and/or pet waste stations.

    Mural Project Request for Proposals

    The Authority, in partnership with the South Bay Clean Creeks Coalition and the City of Campbell, released a request for proposals to paint a mural under the Creekside Way Bridge in Campbell along the Los Gatos Creek Trail.  The mural should reflect the overall theme of “Only Rain in the Storm Drain.”  The Request for Proposals has been issued and the deadline for submission is 5:00 PM October 4, 2020.

    Public Opinion Survey

    The Authority partnered with a Public Administration class at San Jose State University to conduct a 10-minute survey of residents in the West Valley to measure knowledge, perceptions, and behaviors related to stormwater pollution.  The survey was conducted in late March by phone, email, and text.  Seven hundred and fifty residents responded to the survey; the dataset is 400.  Baseline Public Opinion Survey Final Report

    School SWPPP Grant

    The Authority was awarded partial grant funding from Valley Water to develop stormwater pollution prevention plans (SWPPPs) at school sites.  The grant is designed to educate high school students about contaminants entering our water and empowering them to make meaningful changes to improve water quality.  Due to the pandemic, the program is scheduled to be implemented in the 2021-2022 school year.

    School Presentations/Community Events
    Due to the COVID-19 Shelter-In-Place throughout Santa Clara County, five school presentations and six community events had to be cancelled.  The Authority has refocused community event and school presentations in online formats.  For Earth Day 2020, a Resource Flyer was created for teachers and distributed to local schools.  The flyer provides links to educational videos and activities targeted to K-5, and also includes an activity sheet, a game, and a video which were all created by the Authority. 

    Social Media Launch
    On April 22, 2020 (Earth Day) the Authority launched a new social media campaign on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.  The first post featured the Authority’s new Watershed Video.  Since the launch, the Authority has created weekly “Water Wednesday” educational and interactive posts on stormwater pollution.  Posts have included engaging at home activities such downloadable coloring pages, a scavenger hunt, a chalk art contest, and a Spot-the-Owl game.  In alignment with the Authority’s spring Pesticides’ campaign, a series of short animated videos were created to offer eco-friendly home remedies to Aphids, Snails and Slugs, Ants, and Weeds.  Attention was also brought to litter prevention with two shared educational videos and a post on Personal Protection Equipment (PPE).  The Authority’s Auto Pollutants/Car Washing campaign was also highlighted in the summer months with posts featuring an animated car, Polly the Polluter.  The upcoming fall posts will align with the Authority’s Litter/Reusable Products/Microplastics and will feature an animated storm drain named Stormy.

    Social media posts and West Valley Collection and Recycling newsletter articles have encouraged readers to visit the Authority’s website where they can download activities, fact sheets, brochures, and discount cards, and sign the Pet Waste Pledge.  Because so much attention has been directed to the website, the Authority has created additional pages: Less Toxic Gardening and Pest Control page, Automotive Pollution page, and Water Wednesday page.

    The Authority developed an infographic fact sheet to educate municipal staff and officials about the West Valley Clean Water Program Authority and the Municipal Regional Permit requirements.  Please share the Authority Infographic as appropriate.

    Promotional Items

    In preparation for the resuming of school and community events, the Authority purchased logo branded giveaways.  These giveaways include: silicone reusable straws with cleaning brushes, reusable snack bags, and USB drives.  The Authority will also be using newly created educational tools which include an interactive display board, two roll-up banners, and a tabletop spinning wheel.  Please contact Pia Lusk for requests for promotional items to distribute at city/Town internal or external events.

    Upcoming Meetings and Events

    SF Bay Regional Monitoring Program (RMP)

    The RMP Annual Meeting is scheduled for October 6, 2020.  Register for the 2020 RMP Annual Meeting here.

    Authority Board Meeting, Thursday, November 5, 2020 from 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM (PDT), Monte Sereno City Hall, 18041 Los Gatos-Saratoga Rd., Monte Sereno, CA 95030.

    CA Coastal Cleanup 2020, will be a virtual, individual event which will take place on Saturdays from 9:00 AM to Noon throughout the month of September.  The last event will be held on Saturday, September 26th. Register for CA Coastal Cleanup Event here.

    Please share any content in the Authority newsletters in your agency publications.  Likewise, if you would like to share any stormwater information with other member agencies, please email Pia Lusk at and we will include in our next publication.